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Mac Support

Posted by admin on March 1, 2014

Version 0.91 of Ladder Maker includes Mac support.  It does require installing some dependencies using MacPorts. If you have not already, install Xcode and MacPorts.  Then execute the following in a terminal:

  • sudo port selfupdate

  • sudo port install py27-pyqt4 (wait a long time)
  • sudo port install avr-gcc

  • sudo port install avr-libc

  • sudo port install avrdude

This is not as nice as one package that just runs, but the various Mac OS X versions each need the dependencies built for them, so for now this will be the Mac solution.  Macports works well.  I was quite impressed that MacPorts worked perfectly on my old Mac downloading and building these dependencies.

The GUI is the same except the first menu bar entry is "Python" on the Mac version, and has the hardware choice of Arduino or Waltech.


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