A sampling of projects we have completed.




Single Board Programmable Logic Controller Version 1

A veteran industrial machine technician presented us with specifications for a PLC that could be used for add-on retrofits and additional functionality. It needed to work without any other required accessories. This is the design that fills the bill. Some of the features include:

  • No cost programming software
  • Heavy duty 10 amp relays
  • Standard USB interface
  • Socketed optical isolation circuits
  • LED indicators for all inputs and outputs
  • Analog input

This has eight inputs and eight outputs. It uses no-cost LDmicro ladder logic software. It's easy to use, and small enough for automotive or home applications as well.



System Simulator

Everything needs to be tested. Our skills in making custom circuits makes it so we are even better at making custom test and simulation equipment.

This example is a board that simulates all the sensors on an engine, and is used to test modified Engine Control Units. It's used to test designs of automotive computer control accessories, such as the turbo controller, and sensor scaler.



1x2x3 Logger

This is a USB data logger. It fits in a one by two by three inch box, and has 6 differential delta-sigma 16bit inputs. It has a USB to serial adapter built-in and a header connector for an SD memory card as an add-on.

Remote Monitoring Station

This unit is solar powered and is installed on a mountaintop. It can be called by phone at any time and will report the status of up to 16 transmitters in the valleys, where there is no cellular reception, up to 35 mile radius.

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Optical Encoder Interface

This small board has a circuit on it that filters and shapes the opto-transistor output form an encoder, over 5 meters of unshielded cable run next to high current motor power cables.

Automotive Control Panel

This custom unit fits in the radio location. Features: serial communication for 3 systems, turbo boost (yellow,) mixture meter(red/green,) Check engine (big red,) fuel pump switch, idle speed, and day/nigh brightness.

Pyrometers for 2-cycle Engine

These LED gauges are only an inch and a half long, and can mount easily in the dash of a motorcycle. They use 2 purpose-built IC's, one is the LED driver, and the other is the thermocouple conditioner. Resistors set the range and span. They can be configured for either grounded or ungrounded probes.

Round LED Gauge

This gauge reads a stream of serial data and lights the appropriate LED, and a dim tail of leds down to zero. It saves power by pulsing the LEDS so the microprocessor can power the LEDS directly. This gauge can also accept voltage input.

Brushless DC Motor Controller

This unit can control a three phase sensor-less brush-less DC motor. The microprocessor is on the other side of the board. With heat sinks, this can control a 500 watt motor.

Vehicle Speed Sensor


For classic and custom vehicles upgraded with electronic fuel injected engines, This optical vehicle speed sensor (VSS) mounts on the back of the speedometer. One hole is drilled, and the spinning element is painted with four alternating black and white sections. Output can emulate magnetic, or square wave pulses.

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Automotive Fan Speed Controller and Temperature Sensor Scaler

This unit uses the output from the coolant temperature sensor to control the speed of the cooling fan. It's fully programmable, and can also output a scaled signal to the car's main engine control unit, as a mixture adjustment.

USB Adapter Module

Here is an example using an off-the-shelf device, modified to serve as a module for use on another circuit as a daughter-board.

High Power LED Anti-Collision Light

This is a fuselage or tail mounted anti-collision light. It uses multi-chip high power LED modules on a copper head sink bar. A microcontroller and LED current controller in the housing. Top and bottom units are required to meet current FAA specifications.

Step-Up Inverter "front end"

This is an example of off-the-shelf and custom circuit integration. The satellite board is a custom microcontroller and the daughter board is a custom controller. The transformer board is off-the-shelf. This speeds up development and saves cost for small quantities

Portable Sensor Controller and Logger

These are units from a small production run of portable loggers. They have a six part power supply for stabilization and long battery life. Units log data to SD memory card, using standard comma separated format.

LED Meter

This is a simple meter that can accept 6 inputs, as indicated by the column on the left. It would be mounted behind a panel with labels It is run by a single low cost micro-controller.


CNC Housing Customization

These are Power supply housings. We can program our CNC mill to custom cut housings for any project we design

LED Indicator and Pulse Generator

This unit can vary power output on a 20 amp load using pulse width modulation. The yellow LEDS indicate the level. Used for motor speed control or lighting. Fully programmable for pulse width and duration.


Carbon Monoxide

Using electrochemical sensors, we have developed a stable potenstatic circuit that is read directly by a differential analog to digital converter. The analog to digital converter can be included in the sensor board, and provide a noise immune digital output.

Wingtip LED Nav Light and Strobe

In conjunction with a tail strobe, this microprocessor controlled LED assembly can meet current FAA light output standards. Higher power LED's in a larger package are required for a stand-alone wingtip assembly.